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Biggest Fears

According to surveys, people’s greatest fear – besides snakes – is speaking in public. Yet being able to verbally present your ideas, being able to express your disappointment with a service, and being able to say how grateful you are to someone is one of the BEST skills to have.

So if you are a teeny bit afraid to speak in public, if the thought of holding a microphone and hearing your voice echo around the room, if standing in front of a group of people makes you shake all over, I have a solution for you.

And what would that be? Me! Or rather my company GeeFaye Associates. In just one or two sessions, we can help you be comfortable sharing your great ideas and your worst frustration aloud – out loud.

In our “Poise and Presence” workshop, we review skills such as increasing your volume without a microphone, choosing the right words for the right occasion, and keeping your cool even if you lose your place in your notes.

Interested? Click here to contact GeeFaye Associates.

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