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Nine No-No’s of Public Speaking

Nine No-No’s of Public Speaking

Let’s say you LOVE speaking in public. You are fearless! You line up to be behind the podium … the more people who are listening, the better. But wait – that does not mean you SHOULD be there or that you are doing a great job. Here are some of the worst offenses that speakers do while doing their best to convey important information or be scintillating and entertaining. Take a look.

The Nine No-No’s of Public Speaking …

  1. Speaking without a plan; relying too much on charisma or memory

  2. Having limited physical and emotional contact with audience [staring at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact, staring at your notes]

  3. Speaking incoherently -- too quickly, too softly, too loudly

  4. Making disturbing noises and gestures [tapping pen on podium or microphone, jingling coins in your pocket]

  5. Wearing distracting jewelry [earrings, bracelets] or toying with watches, twisting rings, twirling pens

  6. Wearing ill-fitting/inappropriate clothing

  7. Using NONWORDS [uh, ah, hmm] or overusing certain phrases [you know]

  8. Relying too much on jokes and gimmicks [throwing popcorn, candy, banana peels at the audience]

  9. Using a microphone improperly [not using it when needed, holding it too close to your mouth, or heaven forbid, clearing your throat into it]

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Keep reading - a few more of my pet peeves…

  1. Conducting personal grooming while waiting – clipping fingernails, using a toothpick

  2. Eating gaseous/congestive foods before speaking

  3. Leaving your cell phone/pager on –

  4. ANSWERING a call on your phone while presenting (I’ve seen it done!)

  5. Talking with STUFF in your mouth – gum, cough drop, candy

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