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The Doubler

While reading information online about transforming our mindset from a pessimist to an optimist, I came across a new ‘phrase’ for actions that I take in preparing to present a speech or write an article. The phrase is “The Doubler.”

Whatever could that mean? In the context of the article that I was reading about “Favorite Habits of Happiness,” it is a practice of remembering a positive experience by spending a couple of minutes writing down every detail one can remember. That, in turn, helps the memory to become more meaningful and boosts one’s mood in the process.

As a writer, public speaker, and choir director, I have been using this practice to remember content that I am sharing as well as connecting to the emotions that I want to convey. Have I lost you? Please keep reading …

For example, if I am planning to teach a new song to my choir. First, I am going to listen to that song many, many times – at least 10 times. I will have it playing as background music as I carry out daily tasks – cooking, making the bed, brushing my teeth, etc. Next, I will sing that song to myself as I power walk. I will sit in my chair and say the words aloud – in tempo. What I am doing? I am DOUBLING DOWN – remembering the words, remembering the music, remembering the tempo, and remembering the feeling.

That way, when I get ready to teach the song, I can open rehearsal time with a story: “this is how this song speaks to me.” Frequently, it helps choir members to get interested (if not excited) about a new song – even a very complex song.

So this week I invite you to try the practice of DOUBLING – intensifying your experience with material that you want to share. Do you want to give a great retirement speech? Make a list of 5 key points that you want to share. Walk around the house saying those points out loud. Grab a sheet of paper and write down every detail related to those points that pop in your head.

And finally … call or email me so I can coach you in making the best speech of your life. Come have fun with me – rates are reasonable and you will improve your speaking and your writing. I promise!

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