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Mikes Don't Bite

If there was one gift that I would give anyone who is speaking in public to a group of more than 15 persons, it would be the gift of ‘comfort and ease’ in using a microphone. I have watched as people step to a podium and then ‘mumble.’ I have watched as people are handed a cordless mike and they hold it somewhere around their waist while they speak. This needs to change!

Microphones are a handy and often necessary tool to help you get your point across. Let’s use them.

Mikes don’t bite. You are in no physical danger in picking up a microphone and holding it within 2” – 3” of your mouth in order to be heard. Remember, when you are giving a message, your goal is for other people to hear you; your goal is NOT to be on display.

Mikes don’t bite. Many people have hearing challenges. Some may be losing their hearing. Others ‘funnel sounds’ and cannot clearly distinguish your voice

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